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ISTR Author Registration Deadline – March 18

If you plan to present a paper, panel, poster, or roundtable at the ISTR Conference in Sweden then you MUST register for the conference by March 18.  Why?  Because those that register by March 18 will have their presentations scheduled and their names and abstracts printed in the ISTR Conference program.

Those that register after March 18 will not be scheduled to present. And, the price is higher after March 18. So why wait?

And as a reminder, in order to register for the conference you need to be a paying member of ISTR (not a non-paying affiliate).

Here are all the links you will need.

Membership rates

Membership registration

Conference Registration

Paper/Poster Guidelines

Hello ISTR Conference Presenters.

Please see our website and review our guidelines for papers and guidelines for poster presenters.

Paper presenters: the key takeaway is that you need to send your paper and your Powerpoint (if any) to your moderators IN ADVANCE of the conference so that they can have the opportunity to read your paper and thus have something relevant to say in your session!  You’ll also want review the guidelines for having your paper published in our conference working papers series post-conference.

Poster presenters: they key takeaway is that you need to note the size of the boards being provided, plan accordingly, and show up at the designated time to set up your poster and participate in the poster session.  It would be a shame if your poster didn’t fit….so be sure to measure twice and cut once.

We’ve also posted a handy little tips for presenting – remember, you have 15-20 minutes to get your point across.  Experienced presenters will tell you that they still practice in advance.


Registration Subsidies Available

A friendly reminder that the deadline for submitting applications for registration subsidies is coming up on February 15.

ISTR will offer a limited number of registration subsidies. These subsidies will allow researchers to attend the 12th International Conference for a fee of US $150.

Members from countries on this list and PhD students are encouraged to apply.

Click here to download the form.  Please note that you must be a member of ISTR and must submit a copy of your CV to apply.

The deadline for submitting the form is February 15, 2016.

Questions? Let me know!

registration subsidy email

Stockholm Pass

This just crossed our screen and we wanted to share:

The city of Stockholm has just issued a new pass for Stockholm tourist attractions.

Here are the details:  Pay one price, see many sights. The new Stockholm Pass offers fast-track admission to more than 60 popular attractions in the Swedish capital. Prices for adults for the one-day pass start at around $69; those who buy it are getting a discount on normal admission prices and don’t have to prebook or wait in line for tickets at any of the featured attractions. Included are admission into the Royal Palace — one of Europe’s largest palaces; a boat trip from the city center into the Djurgarden Canal; and admission into the Nobel Museum, which is full of history about the Nobel Prize. There are also two-, three- and five-day pass options available. The pass can be purchased through the company’s site.

It looks like you can order in advance and have it shipped to you, or you can pick it up when you get there.  Either way, it sounds like a pretty good deal if you think you will have time to see some of the sights while you are in town.

According to one friend, the Vasa Museum is not to be missed.  The warship Vasa sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage from Stockholm – only 1300 meters into its trip because it was so heavily laden with heavy canons. They managed to restore the wreck that was salvaged from beneath the water 333 years later.  Apparently this is a story of mismanagement and palace intrigue that is really worth hearing.