Time again for ISTR’s popular PhD seminar

The following is a guest post by the co-chairs of ISTR’s 3rd PhD Seminar, which will take place in the 2 days prior to the ISTR Conference.

Being a PhD student has never been easy! Learning the ropes, networking, writing and presenting papers, attending courses and much more. For us it was very much learning by doing and an important source of support in this process was all the fellow PhD students and senior scholars we have met at conferences and seminars along the way. It is because of these positive experiences from peer support groups that we are so enthusiastic about the ISTR PhD seminars.

PhD seminar 2

And, we’re not the only ones to be enthusiastic over this. Since the first seminar in Sienna, Italy, in 2012 the number of applicants has soared. We are therefore very much looking forward to this year’s event in Stockholm, which takes place two days prior to the ISTR conference at Ersta Sköndal University College.

Having served as faculty on the two previous seminars it is with great joy and pride to be involved once again, this time as organizers. This year we are warmly welcoming an exciting group of around 50 PhD students from most corners of the world. They will present and discuss their projects in a friendly environment facilitated by 12 senior scholars that are all engaged in civil society issues and committed to supporting junior scholars in their endeavors.

Previous seminars have offered workshops around various topics. This has been very popular so we will, of course, continue this appreciated tradition. We are presently planning workshops around issues such as getting published, post-doc careers abroad and work-life balance. The seminar this year will also be inspired by the renowned Professor Peter Frumkin who will not only be giving a key note speech, but also join the sessions at the seminar for a day.

However, ISTR’s PhD seminar is not only about projects, workshops and professors giving speeches. It is also a tremendous opportunity where we can create a sound foundation for future civil society research by connecting with scholars from all over the world, supporting and learning from each other, meeting old and new friends and just having a lot of fun.


Johan Hvenmark Chair, ISTR PhD Seminar and researcher, Ersta Sköndal University College


Pelle Åberg Co-chair, ISTR PhD Seminar and researcher, Ersta Sköndal University College

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