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NoFo Best Western

Just a quick update for those of you who have been trying to make reservations at the NoFo Best Western Hotel and Loftet.  We have finally resolved the glitch in the system that was telling people that all of the rooms were booked, when they were not.

This hotel is a very nice place near the conference venue.  It’s actually two hotels in one.  The Hotel offers rooms with private baths, and the Loftet offers less expensive rooms with a shared bath down the hall.  The rooms I see online at the Loftete have either 2 or 3 twin beds, making them an excellent choice for those who want to find a roommate and reduce costs in this way.

To book the Loftet: Use the following promotion code “Block Id 74451”

To book at the Hotel: To obtain the discount, do not book online. Email the hotel at or call +46 (0) 8-503 112 00 and mention code ‘ISTR’


Looking for a roommate?

ISTR has been approached by some conference participants looking to share a hotel room in Stockholm to try to save on costs.  If that is something you would like to do, feel free to comment on this post and use it as a forum to find a match!

As a reminder, ISTR members are able to access our member database to find the email addresses of those who comment on this post.


ISTR Hotels and Provisional Program

We’ve posted a provisional program on our website so that you can get a sense of the daily schedule and a map showing the locations of the various conference venues.  A few items are worth noting.  The bulk of the conference – all of the paper sessions – will take place at the Ersta Conference Center Ersta Skondal Campus (they are one block apart from each other).  At the end of the first day, we have been invited to host our opening reception at the fabulous Stockholm City Hall.  (Please note that only those who register by May 25 will be allowed to attend as we need to give them a complete list of attendees well in advance for security reasons).

(Stockholm City Hall)

The second day we will start things off at the Hotel Rival for the opening plenary with Theda Skocpol.  Then, after lunch that day we will all move back to the Ersta Conference Center and Ersta Skondal Campus for the paper sessions.

Fast forward a couple of days, past the paper/poster/roundtable sessions and many other exciting activities to be described later in other posts, we will close things up with the ISTR Lecture by Stanley Katz, award presentations, and gala reception at Norra Latin, the City Conference Center.

This will all mean a bit of hopping around town, but we feel very fortunate to have been able to secure these beautiful venues for our members.  It also adds a bit of variety to our conference and affords us the opportunity to see a bit more of the city.

So, given the location of these venues, where should you stay in Stockholm?  

We’ve had a number of inquires about this so here are some thoughts.  We’ve secured rooms at several hotels at a variety of price levels in Stockholm, which you can review here. All of these hotels were chosen because of their proximity to the conference – generally from 10-30 minutes walking distance – and/or their price.  The exception to this is the Langholmen, the former prison, which is father but we couldn’t resist booking because of the novelty of the idea.

We are working out the bugs in the booking systems posted on our website but with your help we’ll get it all sorted.  We have heard from some that the booking codes aren’t working for everyone, or that they are finding prices cheaper on other websites. We also don’t have booking codes listed for every hotel yet, but these are in progress and will be posted shortly.  Stay tuned.

Be sure to be in touch (comment on this blog or send us an email to if you have any insights of tips to offer to others.  Where are you staying and what would you recommend?