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Preparing for the 3rd ISTR PhD Seminar

ISTR will host its third ISTR PhD Seminar preceding the 12th International Conference in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2016. The aim of the workshop is to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to receive extensive intellectual and methodological advice on their doctoral research, to introduce them to main theories and developments in the field, to reflect upon publication and career strategies, and to provide a unique opportunity to network with junior and senior scholars within the international ISTR research community.

Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim, PhD candidate, School of Social Work and Social Welfare, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, participated in the first PhD seminar in 2012 and shares her perspective with this years’ group below.  

The two days of the ISTR inaugural doctoral seminar took place in what is remembered by many participants as a beautiful summer week spent in Sienna, Italy. During that week, the Palio horse race, one of the most famous popular Italian festivals, took place in the old city, providing participants an exciting and romantic setting for their morning walk to the university through the Piazza del Campo.

The doctoral seminar was an intensive two days academic learning experience for over 50 doctoral students and prominent faculty from academic institutions around the world. Students of various stages of research were divided into thematic groups and assigned with faculty familiar with their fields of research. During the sessions, participants delved into the dissertation of each group member and received comprehensive feedback, providing a refreshing outlook and valuable advice for research progress. Working sessions offered students a multi-disciplinary approach grounded in diverse theoretical frameworks. For me, participating in the philanthropy work group in an early stage of my studies was extremely inspirational and enriching.

The working groups were complemented by larger social and informal events such as mutual dinners that exposed participants to various cultures and provided a supportive social atmosphere to encourage the formation of connections between participants and faculty.


Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim


Gathering doctoral students in various stages in their studies, coming from different institutions, cultures and countries, enriched the academic discussions. It created a fertile environment in which scholarly collaborations, academic cooperation and friendships were formed and carry on to this day. It was a truly one of a kind experience, generating a space in place and time devoted for asking questions and the creation of scholarship. Therefore, I view participation on the doctoral seminar an important professional and social experience that can be enhanced by the following steps: prior to attending the seminar to learn about the themes presented in your session and in other session. Read beforehand the materials distributed so you may engage in a meaningful discussion. As for your own presentation, write down some questions and dilemmas that you would like your group to discuss. Finally, reach out beforehand to fellow students and faculty with whom you share mutual research interests can enhance the creation of professional relationships and future research collaborations. 


Did you participate in past ISTR PhD seminars?  

Will you be attending this year?  

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